webfox.jpgYellow-bellied Marmot, WY-At the end of the Mt Edith Cavell hike - the glacier and pond, Jasper National Park, ABTaking time to smell the flowers.  Little Bighorn Sheep, Jasper Park, ABGreat Gray Owl - Nordegg, ABBald Eagle, Banff, ABLittle Grizzly bear scratching his back...the mosquitoes even get to them...Grizzly family of 2. Near Jasper Park, ABThe Black Bear stopped eating the berries long enough to notice the grasshopper flying past him.  Waterton Park, AB-Bison in Yellowstone Park.The Bow Glacier - where part of the Bow River starts that flows through Alberta, into the South Saskatchewan River into the Hudson\'s Bay and Atlantic Ocean.Mule Deer and fawnhomeAmerican Coot, Calgary ABMomma Coyote - pups aren\'t out yet so we\'ll have to come back later.Yum yum a dandelion salad.  Grizzly Bear, Jasper Park, ABArctic Fox in disbelief as his fish is stolen by a Red Fox.Elk, Grand Teton ParkFalls in Yellowstone Park.Red Fox stalking a ground squirrel.Fox on the run.Young Grizzly in the rain, ABGrizzly Bear in the rain.Richardson Ground Squirrel...did you know they eat daisies?Hot Spring Hot springs, Yellowstone ParkBroad-tailed Hummingbird near Bear Lake, UTLake Moraine, ABMountain GoatsHoary Marmot at the base of a glacier, Jasper Park, ABMeadowlark getting dinner near Mormon Row, Yellowstone ParkMoose in Teton ParkThis nesting Great Horned Owl well, incredible camouflage.Old homestead - Mormon RowNear Bear Lake, UTWhite Pelican near Bear Lake, UTPair of Ring-necked Pheasants, Fish Creek Park, CalgaryPronghorn, he was using his horns to thrash the bushes to avoid having to use his teeth.PronghornRuffed Grouse, Yellowstone ParkSandhill Crane, IDLittle Red FoxThis is real.  Grand Teton ParkTangle Falls, Jasper Park, ABRescued Wolf, Grizzly and Wolf Centre near Yellowstone Park.Smiling Spirit Bear